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‘We Have Slid Into A New Cold War’: Chilling Statement From Russian Prime Minister

Daily Mail | Medvedev over tensions in Syria further raises the spectre of WWIII as France accuses them of bombing civilians.

Saudi Arabia Sends Troops And Fighter Jets To Military Base In Turkey Ahead Of Intervention Against Isis In Syria

London Independent | Saudi officials have stated that they want to fight Isis and see President Bashar al-Assad removed.

Obama: We’re Not ‘Wildly Overspending,’ A Lot of Stuff People Put On Internet and News Is ‘Factually Inaccurate’

Breitbart | “There are a bunch of folks who say that we’re wildly overspending, even though we aren’t.”

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Downplays Obama As First Black President

American Mirror | The former president made a comment while campaigning in Tennessee Thursday that is sure to offend some in the coveted black voting bloc.

NJ State Troopers Remind Beyonce And NFL What Black Panthers Did To Their Officers…

Weasel Zippers | The person who escaped and is living in Cuba is Assata Shakur who is worshipped as a model by Black Lives Matter.

Scientists take a step closer to ETERNAL LIFE as they PRESERVE and REVIVE brain

UK Express | FOR the first time, scientists have successfully managed to cryogenically freeze a brain and then revive it.

‘Bern like hell’: Satanists Rally Behind Socialist Bernie Sanders

Adan Salazar | “Bernie is actually pretty popular among Satanists.”

7 Things Feminists Need To Understand

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s quite simple….

Russia warns of ‘new world war’ starting in Syria

London Telegraph | Foreign and defence ministers of the leading international states are meeting in Munich and Brussels following the collapse of the latest round of peace talks.

DNC rolls back Obama ban on contributions from federal lobbyists

Washington Post | The Democratic National Committee has rolled back restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

  • Clinton tied to

On the Friday, February 12 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we review highlights from Thursday's Democrat debate, in which socialist Sanders proclaimed he is not beholden to Bilderberg kingpin Henry Kissinger, unlike Hillary. And a draft document from the Department of Education wants the state and parents to be “equal partners” in raising children, and indicates the possibility of future state-appointed routine home visits. World-renowned libertarian Lew Rockwell, the co-founder of the Mises Institute and Ron Paul's former congressional chief of staff, joins the show today to discuss the presidential elections, the economic downward spiral and where he sees it all going. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission.


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