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BOOM: Trump offered to buy Hillary’s election night fireworks!

American Mirror | Clinton sought clearance from the city to moor a barge in the Hudson River and shoot off fireworks.

Fake News: Newsweek Retracts Claim Trump Supporters Booed John Glenn

Mikael Thalen | “I believe I was in error that Trump supporters booed Glenn…”

Hillary Supporters Issue Death Threats to Trump Senior Advisor

Adan Salazar | Backers of defeated Democrat candidate do not know how to be gracious losers.

Reddit Shadow Bans Infowars As “Fake News” War Accelerates

Paul Joseph Watson | Censorship purge of dissenting opinion knows no bounds.

Video: Sheriff Blasts Lefty Lawyer – ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Was FAKE NEWS

Steve Watson | “There are DEAD COPS because of that fake news story”

Michael Moore: Something “Crazy” Could Happen to Stop Trump Becoming President

Paul Joseph Watson | Is film maker predicting an attempt on Trump’s life?

Optimism on economy, stocks surges since Trump election: CNBC survey

CNBC | The election of Donald Trump has brought with it a surge in optimism in the United States over the economy and stocks not seen in years.

Fake news: Vanity Fair editor accuses Trump supporters of booing John Glenn

American Mirror | Some people are so consumed with hatred for Donald Trump they’ll do anything and say anything to tear him down.

Hillary Clinton – The Queen of Fake News – Lectures Americans About Fake News

Paul Joseph Watson | The woman who voted for a war that killed hundreds of thousands based on fake news now says fake news is putting “lives at risk”.

OSU Activists Complain Terrorist Was Wrongly Shot By Police

Daily Caller | Organizers of the protest said that Artan’s particular actions were irrelevant.

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On this Friday, December 9 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we look at the ongoing attempt to silence alternative media due to "fake news" and Russian propaganda. Financial expert Max Keiser and entrepreneur Adam Curry will be in studio to discuss how the globalists plan to economically sabotage the Trump administration. We will also take your calls on this worldwide transmission. Tune in!


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