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‘FEMA camps’ tops Google Trends as TruTV exposé set to air

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Aaron Dykes
Prison Planet.com [1]
Thursday, November 11, 2010

FEMA internment camps– it’s the taboo issue that televised media have refused to cover, except to deny and distort. But thanks to the power of Infowars.com supporters, the issue of ‘FEMA camps’ has topped Google’s Search Trends [2] today ahead of TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory [3] bombshell investigation into FEMA camps [4] that is scheduled to air this Friday, Nov. 12 at 10 PM EST/ 9 PM CST.

‘FEMA camps’ tops Google Trends as TruTV exposé set to air  11fema trends

“Police State,” the latest episode in former Gov. Jesse Ventura’s hit TV program [3], is perhaps the first time in broadcast & cable history that a fair presentation of the real and confirmed emergency centers put in place across the nation has been seen on television. Fox News’ Glenn Beck and Popular Mechanics’ James Meigs attempted to debunk [5] the issue by circumventing the real evidence, but never before has a TV program dealt with H.R. 645, the National Emergency Centers Authorization Act [6], or gone to the admitted facilities set up to hold American citizens.

As our previous article, “Bombshell: FEMA Camps Confirmed [4],” pointed out, Alex Jones returns to the TruTV series in an episode that is truly groundbreaking and deals with substantial aspects of the Homeland Security/ FEMA operation to spy on political dissidents and target anyone who opposes their system. The fact that this episode will be seen by millions is a major success in the Infowar. Don’t miss it, and be sure to record it to DVR, DVD or share it online with those in your circle of influence.

As economist Max Keiser argued during his appearance on the Alex Jones Show today, dominating Google’s Search Trends has been a major driver in influencing the major media with issues normally only covered in the alternative and internet-based media. The news cycle does respond to what is “hot” on the Internet, and driving key terms to #1 in the trends is a significant way of breaking through to the mainstream audiences who need to know this vital info.

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This is further evidenced by “Staged Terror,” which reached #3 in the trends today. The term was also initiated on the Alex Jones Show in response to the fact that Glenn Beck has joined ranks in warning [8] that the government is again preparing to stage terror attacks. This is yet another indication that the alternative media message has broken through to major media figures. Thanks again for your help in fighting for awareness and truth.

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