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Former Blair Advisor Pushes ‘Second Referendum’ to Sabotage Brexit Vote

Paul Joseph Watson | Exactly as predicted, globalists try to annul the democratic choice of the British people.

Brexit: Dawn of a Populist Uprising

Paul Joseph Watson | How the political class plans to sabotage the vote.

Trump: America has Chance to ‘reject rule by global elite’

Adan Salazar | Trump on Brexit: “Basically, they took back their county.”

Judge Blocks Cleveland’s Free Speech Restrictions on Pro-Trump Groups

Kit Daniels | Federal judge tosses city’s gag order on First Amendment.

Globalist Bankers Sent Into Mass Panic Over Brexit

Steve Watson | “There’s no doubt that the consequences will be negative on all sides.”

Sterling Tumbles, Bankers Manipulate Markets on Brexit

Kurt Nimmo | Pretext for more QE and arrival of helicopter money.

Brexit Victory Makes Trump Presidency More Likely

Paul Joseph Watson | Populist uprising rocks global order.

Muslim Child Sex-assault Suspects Back On Streets Of Idaho

WND | CAIR laments ‘lightning rod’ case resulting in ‘anti-refugee’ sentiment.

Brexit: Hillary, Obama on the Wrong Side of History

Breitbart | Obama’s advice may have pushed some voters to “leave.”

Trump Issues Statement On Brexit: “They Took Their Country Back, We Will Take America Back”

Zero Hedge | After last night’s historic referendum which saw the UK vote to leave the European Union, US Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has both tweeted…

  • UK Rejects 1984,
    Embraces 1776

On this Friday, June 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the globalists’ largest defeat in decades: Brexit. UK voters chose to leave the unelected superstate known as the EU in a historic referendum on Thursday, but they need to realize that Brexit presents an opportunity rather than a victory; they must keep pushing back against the technocrats. The globalists will continue to use monetary policy - not political - to enslave nation-states. On today’s show Trump insider Roger Stone talks Brexit and the recent victory over the City of Cleveland's attempts to censor pro-Trump groups. Also, Steve Pieczenik discusses how the technocrats will attempt to socially engineer the population after Brexit. Tune in!


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