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A ‘new level’ of disaster: BP’s 70-ton oil containment dome floats, no ‘plan B’

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AFP [1]
May 10, 2010

Update: BP casting aside 70-ton, four-story containment dome, may try a smaller version [2]

Concern grew Sunday that the US Gulf coast is facing a whole new level of environmental disaster after the best short-term fix for a massive oil spill ran into serious trouble.

BP’s giant containment box lay idle on the seabed as engineers furiously tried to figure out how to stop it clogging with ice crystals.

The British energy giant, which owns the lion’s share of the leaking oil and has accepted responsibility for the clean-up, has tried to banish the notion that the dome is a “silver bullet” to end the crisis.

But should efforts fail to make the giant funnel system effective, there is no solid plan B to prevent potentially tens of millions of gallons of crude from causing one of the worst ever environmental catastrophes.

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A ‘new level’ of disaster: BP’s 70 ton oil containment dome floats, no ‘plan B’ 260310banner2 [3]

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