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A vampire feeding on our misery

Posted By admin On November 17, 2008 @ 4:56 am In Money Watch | Comments Disabled

UK Daily Mail [1]
Friday, Nov 14, 2008

Deceit and hypocrisy are as common in politics as in everyday life, but for Labour to suggest Shadow Chancellor George Osborne might undermine the pound by criticising Gordon Brown suggests new depths of political depravity.

There is already a run on the pound, which has lost 25 per cent of its value against the dollar and the euro. Trying to pin it on Osborne seems cowardly as well as disgusting.
Brown wants complete freedom to do as he pleases during the current economic crisis, even though it’s likely that it was his let-it-rip fiscal recklessness which to a large extent caused our worst-of-all-nations fix.

He demands silence from his political opponents, calculating that if his schemes go wrong he can avoid responsibility by saying he had cross-party support.


A vampire feeding on our misery 131108banner2 [2]

Brown practised the same dirty politics when pressed by David Cameron on the Baby P tragedy. He said Cameron’s questions were politically motivated – in other words, they wouldn’t have been asked if the case hadn’t happened in a Labour borough, Haringey.

He must know this isn’t true. He can’t possibly be so cut off from what’s going on that he didn’t know the whole country was talking about the case. But he refused to withdraw his snide remark. His reaction was: ‘This is harmful to me.’ So it was OK to accuse Cameron of playing party politics.

Nothing is allowed to mar Brown’s new lease of life in which – bafflingly – his poll ratings rise while the country goes down the tubes. He feeds on our distress like a vampire, bursting with energy while others wonder how they and their families will survive.

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