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Action alert: Just 2 days left to help stop the FDA’s regulatory war on small, local farmers

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Mike Adams
Natural News [1]
November 14, 2013

There are only two days left to post your comments to the FDA concerning the agency’s desire to place onerous new food safety regulations on small, local farmers (while allowing big agribusiness to conduct business as usual).

Click here to read the full alert at Cornucopia.org [2].

This is all about the “Food Safety Modernization Act” or FSMA. As Cornucopia states, “regulators and corporate agribusiness are using the FSMA to competitively crush the organic and local farming movements at the same time.”

As Cornucopia states, many in the industry believe the FDA is using FSMA as a regulatory weapon rather than a tool solely intended for public safety. This regulatory weapon is being used, they say, to drive small organic farmers out of business, thereby delivering greater market share and profitability to the agri-business giants that can afford to deal with all the burdensome regulations.

Cornucopia has issued a full action alert here [3].

The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance [4] has also posted an action alert on this issue, stating:

The FDA wants to be able to revoke farmers’ and producers’ exemptions without respecting basic principles of fairness and due process… In essence, this means that any farmer or producer targeted by the FDA for revocation of its exemption will almost certainly go out of business.

Click here to read the Farm and Ranch Freedom alert [4] which describes this issue in much greater detail.

Click here for full instructions and links [5] on how to submit your own comments to the FDA.

You MUST submit your comments by Friday, November 15th. Furthermore, if you do not submit comments and you ever go to court with the FDA over food safety issues on your farm [6], the fact that you did not submit comments has been deemed by the courts to automatically mean you have waived your rights to disagree with the FDA’s rules!

Thus, if you are a farmer or food producer of any kind, submitting your comments is essential to protecting your future rights in any possible litigation involving the FDA.

The FDA has taken some positive actions lately, including banning trans fats [7] and requiring dog food manufacturers [8] to follow Good Manufacturing Practices, but this FSMA effort is overreaching, unduly burdensome and in some ways actually worsens food safety instead of improving it.

Join Natural News in filing your comments against these onerous FDA regulations [9] that target small farmers.

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