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All The Gold In The World – The Definitive Infographic

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Zero Hedge [1]
Jan 15, 2013

In the aftermath of the Chairman’s painful waste of time “interactive” session, which addressed precisely zero of the relevant questions, we would like to ground readers with a real, hard, monetary equivalent, which unlike paper money, has retained its worth over the past 2000 years, and one which no central planning committee can create out of thin air at will. Gold. The chart below should put it all into perspective.

All The Gold In The World   The Definitive Infographic gold%20embed [2]

and for those who may have forgotten it, here is what happens when one can create paper out of thin air: America’s (not even the entire world’s) derivative universe. Just a tad more….diluted.

All The Gold In The World   The Definitive Infographic Derivs%20infographic 0 [3]

Courtesy of Demonocracy [2]


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