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Alternative Media Rankings Surge After bin Laden Assassination Spectacle

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Activist Post [1]
May 7, 2011

A story like the assassination of “public enemy #1″ is naturally going to drive people toward all news sources.  However, we in the alternative news media have been particularly busy since the announcement late Sunday night, as indicated by Alexa website rankings [2].

For those of us covering the government and mainstream media lies, distortions, and pure propaganda, it has been nearly overwhelming to attend to every facet of this professional wrestling-style spectacle.  As a result, traffic to alternative news sites has surged dramatically.  This is very encouraging, as it indicates that people are not immediately rushing only to the comfort and security of the official story, which is largely framed by appeals to emotion — rather, people appear to be hungry for facts.  Given that alternative media generally does not have even a fraction of the budget of corporate media, the ranking increases are doubly satisfying.  We are honored to be included with the true news sources below as a reliable indicator of the search for truth and justice amid the miasma of the current official coverage of the bin Laden Assassination Show being peddled for obviously corporate and political reasons.

Alternative News 7-day change according to Alexa; listed in order of overall ranking:

Drudge Report [3] –  Rank: 329  Change: 88
Infowars [4] — Rank: 1,221 Change: 68
Prison Planet [5] –  Rank: 2,589  Change: 2,324
Rense [6] — Rank: 4,916 Change: down 69
David Icke [7] — Rank: 5,038 Change: 1,143
Lew Rockwell [8] — Rank: 5,212  Change: 1,735
Global Research [9] — Rank: 8,189  Change: 6,375
What Really Happened [10] –  Rank: 4,179 Change: 11,215   Special hat tip to Mike Rivero who suffered a hack that effectively shut down his site just as the announcement came in.  He bounced back stronger than ever with the highest increase that we could find.
Activist Post [11] — Rank: 15,270  Change: 6,336
The Intel Hub [12] — Rank: 34,894 Change: 2,233
Reality Zone [13] — Rank: 79,699  Change: 12,878

* We realize that there are many great sites and blogs, news aggregators such as Before It’s News [14], Rumormill News [15], Blacklisted News [16], Stan Deyo [17] and Steve Quayle [18],  and YouTubers like Charlie McGrath [19] from Wide Awake News [20] and James Corbett from The Corbett Report [21] that we omitted, due principally to the lack of available 7-day data.  We also chose to focus on those sites with original commentary that covered the bin Laden debacle in depth, as opposed to the many great cross-over sites from the health field such as Natural News [22] and Food Freedom [23] that have supported many other areas of alternative news.  Nearly all hardworking alternative media has increased across the board.

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Alternative Media Rankings Surge After bin Laden Assassination Spectacle  161008pptv3 [25]

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