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Bilderberg: News Blackout Continues

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Steve Watson
Saturday, May 16, 2009

One single short article in the Wall Street Journal [1] that merely acknowledges this weekend’s Bilderberg Group meeting in Athens is the only US media coverage of a confab involving around 150 of the globe’s most influential movers and shakers.

“The managers of world capitalism aren’t always popular, which is one reason the Group of Seven leaders now meet in out-the-way resorts that are hard for protestors to reach.” WSJ reports.

A Google News search [2]on “Bilderberg,” which is now in its third day, returns 33 results, all of which consist of articles from this website, a smattering of other alternative media reports, in addition to a snippet from the French Press Agency and Charlie Skelton’s London Guardian updates.

Bilderberg: News Blackout Continues obama 340x169 [3]

Even if you accept the ludicrous claim of the debunkers – that Bilderberg is a mere “talking shop” that contributes nothing towards actual policy – do you still not think it odd that only one mainstream U.S. press outlet has even mentioned it in passing?

A mere book signing by an ex-politician would generate at least a few headlines, yet we have dozens of CEO’s, European and Federal Reserve banking and finance kingpins, Prime Ministers, European royalty, NSA officials, professors from top Universities, NATO and UN officials, oil company chairmen, and foreign policy luminaries meeting behind closed doors and yet only one U.S. media report!

The outright complicity of the corporate media in blackballing Bilderberg coverage reminds us why the elite encounter little hindrance in conspiring in such a secretive and undemocratic manner every single year without facing any substantial public scrutiny.

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