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Black Friday is a Hoax and a Rip-Off

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Millions of zombie consumers victims of gigantic scam

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
November 29, 2013

The multitudes of Americans who brave the freezing cold and the rampaging mobs in the belief it’s all worth it to get a great ‘deal’ on electronic goods they don’t really need and can’t afford are victims of a gigantic scam.

Black Friday is a Hoax and a Rip Off 291113fri

Image: Black Friday (YouTube).

Black Friday is a hoax.

While believing that they are paying far less for high-end consumer products, shoppers who throw themselves on the altar of Black Friday madness today will in the aggregate be paying more for such items than they would at other times of the year.

As Bloomberg Businessweek reports [1], despite the hype, despite the coupons, despite the “friends and family deals,” the profit margins of large retailers are actually higher during the holiday period. The idea that big stores are losing out in order to provide Americans with massively discounted goods is a complete hoax.

The scam works in two primary ways. Firstly, retailers artificially inflate prices of goods in the months before Black Friday in order to make the subsequent discounts look good in comparison. Secondly, even if shoppers do manage to grab some genuine discounts, they will invariably buy another product that has a 98 per cent mark up value.

In addition, the same products can routinely be found for cheaper in January anyway with no need to camp out or get involved in mini-riots or mass brawls. However, absent the same level of psychotic hype, the flames of which are dutifully fanned by the mainstream media, the demand is far less intense.

The shameful scenes we see every year of Americans brawling with each other over HD televisions are an illustration of mass mind control, with retailers manufacturing the illusion of artificial scarcity of products at cheap prices in order to create a contrived stampede.

However, given the institutionalized grip of this hoax, it’s unlikely Americans are ever going to realize that they are suckers for perhaps the biggest con in retail history.

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