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Brandon Raub: Persecuted for Telling the Truth About the Federal Reserve

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Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
August 24, 2012

Corporate media news reports state that former Marine Brandon Raub was arrested by the FBI and the Secret Service and detained in a psychiatric hospital for anti-government posts on Facebook.

A large part of Raub’s post, however, was not directed at the government. It was directed at the Federal Reserve. The Fed is not the government. It is a privately owned financial institution run by a cartel of banksters.

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Millions of Americans believe the Federal Reserve is a federal agency despite the fact the Ninth Circuit Court ruled in 1982 that “the Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the FTCA, but are independent, privately-owned and locally controlled corporations.”

Brandon knows what Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Congressman Wright Patman, Senator Barry Goldwater and others brave enough to speak their minds knew: the Federal Reserve is a criminal operation of the international money lenders and swindlers, it functions as a shadow government and has usurped the real government of the people of the United States by arrogant credit monopoly.

“The Federal Reserve is wrong. They have designed a system based off of greed and fear. They designed a system to crush the middle class between taxes and inflation. This is wrong, and it is unjust. It is wrong,” Brandon wrote [1] on November 11, 2011.

“This thing has deceived our entire nation… They created it in 1913. They also created the income tax in 1913. They encouraged the growth of debt so they can tax you on it. There is interest on the debt. Your government is in bed with these people. They want to enslave you to the government so that they can control every aspect of your lives. It is an empire based on lies. They operate of greed and fear.

Raub’s arrest by the secret political police run by the banksters who own the United States sets a precedent and sends out a warning: you may be arrested and deemed mentally insane and locked up against your will in a mental ward if you tell the truth about the Federal Reserve.

The NDAA is not about al-Qaeda and terrorists. It’s about those of you who dare tell the truth. If the government considers you a threat like they consider Brandon Raub a threat, they may send out the secret political police and disappear you.

After the economy collapses – a collapse engineered by the Federal Reserve and the international bankster who run it – and there is social chaos, the government may forgo the relative nicety of a mental ward and put a bullet in your head.

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