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Busted! Photoshop Forgery to Sell Image of War Torn Syria Exposed

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Aaron Dykes
July 31, 2012

While mainstream press have been hailing the alliance between al Qaeda [1], the Syrian Free Army and the West in opposing Assad in Syria, they’ve also been caught once again “faking the war” to play up sympathy for an all out invasion.

Austria’s largest daily paper, Kronen Zeitung, with some 3 million readers daily, published this sympathetic photo, seemingly portraying a man carrying a baby and a woman in burka fleeing from some war-torn corner of Syria. However, it was later exposed to be a Photoshop forgery, juxtaposing the people walking on a normal looking corner with that of a blown out city block, ravaged with heavy damage.

The revealing side by side comparison was first posted to Reddit.com [2].

Click for larger image:
Busted! Photoshop Forgery to Sell Image of War Torn Syria Exposed hQuRK

Gizmodo [3] points out:

Just to be clear, the family in the photograph is, in fact, in Syria; the original photo (on the right) came from the European Pressphoto Agency. But merely fleeing a city ravaged by guns and mortars apparently isn’t quite dramatic enough on its own. The editors of the Krone—as it’s commonly called—needed this baby to sing.

A nearly identical example of war propaganda is depicted in the 1997 film Wag the Dog [4], where green screen technology was used to place an actor in a studio with a kitten in a war torn zone:

Back in March, “Syrian Danny” was caught faking gun fire [5] on CNN in order to portray heavy fighting that wasn’t really going on in the background while he literally begged for Western-backed forces to enter Syria and overthrow Assad. Paul Joseph Watson described the hoax: While waiting to be connected, Danny says, “Well, let the gunfire sound then,” before subsequently asking someone off camera, “Did you tell him to get the gunfire ready?” An explosion is heard soon after, but Danny doesn’t even flinch. The following video demonstrates this amazing stunt, which correlated with numerous other exaggerated reports issued by Danny.

Obviously, these deceptions are not limited to the Syrian conflict, but have become a mainstay in this age of modern media. From the phony babies in incubators testimony [6] to demonize Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf war, to the lies about WMDs in Iraq [7] the next time around, false flag events to start most 20th Century wars, and so much more: these lies are not crafted to fool fact checkers, critics, historians or true investigative reporters, but to goad the general public into a wave of hysteria ensuring enough support to start a war and profit from the destruction.

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