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Cap The Gene Spill – New video says GMO contamination of world is far worse than Gulf of Mexico oil spill

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Mike Adams
Natural News [1]
April 24, 2011

As part of an ongoing effort to warn the public about the dangers of runaway GMO pollution of our planet, theInstitute for Responsible Technologyexecutive director Jeffrey Smith has released a new video calledCap the Gene Spill.

The video is viewable in its entirety at:
http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=29315… [2]

In it, Jeffrey compares the genetically modified contamination of the planet to the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe. Except the genetic pollution of our planet is actually far worse than the Gulf spill because genetic pollution can’t be “cleaned up.” It persists in the environment… perhaps for the entire future of life on planet Earth.

Here’s some of what Jeffrey Smith says in this new video:

[GMO pollution causes] intense, insidious environmental degradation that may never be able to be cleaned up.

And just like the oil spill, you can trace it back to government incompetence and collusion, and industry manipulation — putting out technologies that are not safe long before the science is ready.

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Cap The Gene Spill   New video says GMO contamination of world is far worse than Gulf of Mexico oil spill 260310banner2 [4]

What about the self-propagating genetic pollution? Once it gets out, it then spreads, and cross pollinates… it becomes a self-propagating pollution that could outlast the effects of global warming or nuclear waste. This is an impossible thing to clean up, and we are bequeathing to all future generations the folly of this generation.

Never before have we fed the products of an infant science to the entire population, or released it into the environment without a way to fully recall it.

So we need to cap the gene spill. Put it back in the laboratory where it belongs.

Maybe someday we can predictably and safely manipulate the DNA of plants and know what its impacts will be in the environment and in our bodies, but that day is far away.

The video links to www.ShopNoGMO.org which offers a convenient shopping guide to help you avoid genetically modified foods in grocery stores and health food stores.

Personally, I consider Jeffrey Smith to be the single most important person leading the fight to stop the genetically modified gene contamination of our world. This man deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his valiant efforts to protect humanity from what is literally becoming the seeds of our own destruction.

Follow Jeffrey’s work at www.ResponsibleTechnology.org

Soon, NaturalNews will be launching a separate news channel on GMOs, and we plan to strongly increase our editorial coverage of Jeffrey’s outstanding work. Keep reading NaturalNews.com for more news about our collective fight to help save humanity from the evils of fraudulent science and greed-driven corporations that seek to control the world’s food crops.

Please also share the link to this page, and forward the video link to as many of your friends as possible. They need to see this. Really.

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