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CDO-Related Credit Default Swap Crisis on the Horizon?

Posted By admin On November 15, 2008 @ 12:45 am In Money Watch | Comments Disabled

George Washington’s Blog [1]
Saurday, Nov 15, 2008

According to the Financial Times [2]:

“[There is a] New wave of CDOs at risk of default .

Synthetic CDOs, the risky and complex debt products that are based on pools of corporate credit derivatives, are under increasing pressure after suffering a wave of default-related losses on top of general credit market deterioration.”

See also this article from Bloomberg [3].

There are huge volumes [4] of credit default swaps written against collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), the specifics of which have not been made public [5].

Rising CDO defaults could very well lead to massive new CDS problems, sparking off another round of company failures.

CDO Related Credit Default Swap Crisis on the Horizon? 131108banner2 [6]

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