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Charlie Sheen Unleashes On TSA

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“Touch my children and I would eat your hands off your frikkin’ arms,” actor rages in response to train station grope-down of 9-year-old boy

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Thursday, February 24, 2011

UPDATE: Listen to the MP3 [2] – the Sheen interview starts at the 2 hour mark.

Actor Charlie Sheen unleashed on the TSA during a wild radio interview on The Alex Jones Show today, raging that he would eat the hands of any TSA worker who tried to touch his children, in response to the story that TSA agents harassed travelers and groped children in Savannah train station earlier this month after the passengers had left the train.

Comparing the TSA to a Gestapo-like occupying force, Sheen stated, “Anyone who wants to ignore it deserves to have their privates fondled by some clown who worked at Wal-Mart seven minutes before that….losers and clowns and trolls all of them.”

“Touch my children and I would eat your hands off your frikkin’ arms,” Sheen raged.


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Sheen made the comments in reference to an incident that occurred on February 13 that is making national news today, in which passengers who disembarked from a train at Savannah after their trip had ended were subjected to an airport style TSA grope-down as well as a metal detector wanding.

The video of the incident shows young boys being patted down and wanded by TSA workers in the train station.

“Indeed, this doesn’t make sense at all. Why search people after the train trip? What’s the logic here? Did the TSA got an alert that dangerous 9-year-old terrorists were coming in a train to Savannah? Perhaps it was TSA Surprise Training Time? Or maybe it was TSA Let’s Piss Off People Day again?” asks Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz [4].

Sheen slammed the TSA during the course of a rampaging interview with host Alex Jones in which the Two and a Half Men star broke his silence and directly confronted some of his detractors amidst endless media speculation about his private life and career.

Watch the clip of the TSA train station grope-down below.


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