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Clinton Advisor: Earth’s Population Has Exceeded Limits

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Clinton Advisor: Earths Population Has Exceeded Limits 010409Ferdorff

Scientist calls for reduction in global population

Steve Watson
Infowars.net [1]
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One of most influential scientists in the US government has said that the Earth’s population has exceeded the planet’s “limits of sustainability”.

Dr Nina Fedoroff, the science and technology advisor to the US secretary of state, currently Hillary Clinton, told the BBC’s “One Planet” program [2] that “There are probably already too many people on the planet.”

“We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population; the planet can’t support many more people,” Fedoroff said.

Fedoroff, a National Medal of Science laureate (America’s highest science award) has held the position as government advisor since 2007 and previously worked with Condoleezza Rice.

The professor of molecular biology also advocated the widespread introduction of genetically modified foods, slamming those who have criticized the unknown effects of GM as living in the past.

“We wouldn’t think of going to our doctor and saying ‘Treat me the way doctors treated people in the 19th Century’, and yet that’s what we’re demanding in food production.”

Fedoroff’s comments echo those of other prominent scientists who have thrown their weight behind the long term agenda to implement measures to stem the population of the planet. This view is gaining ground with increased pressure on governments to act over climate change as the justification.

Read more about the elite depopulation agenda in our previous report here [3].

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