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Corrupt Judges Exonerate 13 Child Sex Slave Traders and Ignore 130 Witnesses as “Liars”

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theintelhub.com [1]
Dec 14, 2012

Slave trading always has been and always will be a business of the elite, aside from some of the hired goons at the bottom, there are no average working people involved in trading human beings.

Many people don’t even realize that mass slavery still does take place in many different forms, with sex slavery being one of the most vile and degrading forms of human ownership.

Since this issue is not often brought up in the media and it is always well connected wealthy people involved in this trade, no one involved ever seems to face any consequences when these horrors come to light.

Just recently, in an unprecedented case with hundreds of witnesses, a group of judges allowed 13 accused sex slave traders to walk and believed their testimony that their victims were “Liars”

According to the Buenos Aires Herald: [2]

“The thirteen suspects in the case investigating the disappearance of Marita Verón were cleared of all charges by a Tucumán court. Verón was kidnapped ten years ago by a prostitution ring.

The reading of the sentence began after 9 pm, four hours later than originally expected. After alleged discussions between the judges Alberto Piedrabuena, Emilio Herrera Molina and Eduardo Romero Lascano, the court decided to clear the suspects of all charges.

The decision caused an outrage among family members, human rights organizations and victims of human trafficking, who began insulting the judges as soon as the reading of the ruling was finished.  Attorneys who worked alongside Verón’s mother, Susana Trimarco, called the ruling “an act of corruption”.

The trial began 11 months ago and more than a decade after Marita’s disappearance.  The case was seen as “emblematic”, since the prosecutor had requested a 25 years sentence for the main suspects Víctor Romero, María Jesús Rivero, Irma Lidia Medina, Gonzalo and José “Chenga” Gómez.

According to the accusations made by the prosecutor, Verón was kidnapped by a prostitution ring located in the Tucumán capital on April 3, 2002, when she was only 23 years old.  Her whereabouts remain unknown.”

“It’s absolutely clear that this is an act of corruption,” said one of Trimarco’s lawyers, Jose D’Antona.

Maria Jesus Rivero, owner of the car service allegedly used in the kidnappings, told the judges that the hundreds of people who testified including a dozen former sex slaves who described brutal conditions in brothels were all lying.

“There isn’t a single piece of evidence that links me to the people accused here, just the declarations of liars. Marita isn’t here, and we don’t have anything to do with this,” Rivero said.

Last month at The Intel Hub we covered the deep history of child trafficking [3] that exists in elite organizations like Dyncorp, Halliburton and the UN.

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