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Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon?

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Anthony Gucciardi
Prison Planet.com
April 18, 2013

There has been much discussion over the two individuals fitted with earpieces and military-esque gear spotted at the Boston Marathon, but as it turns out they may likely be employees of the Blackwater-style private military/security firm Craft International.

The two can be seen in the photo below with their hands up to their ears in what is later (second photo) confirmed to be a a wired communications device. Originally, it was thought that these men were likely some sort of military or special operations — specifically SEAL team members as indicated by an emblem on one of their black hats. After doing some digging, however, it becomes much more likely that these men are employees of Craft International [1] — a private military/security firm similar in nature to Blackwater (Xe).

Here is the first image of the men cropped from the larger picture of the marathon:

Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon? craft international boston marathon1

From this, we first see the military-style men wearing what later is revealed to be standard issue Craft International clothing.

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But next let’s examine another image that not only establishes the existence of an ear piece but also the skull logo on the one individual’s hat — which is actually the logo [3] for Craft International, the private military firm started by famed sniper Chris Kyle [4]. Here is the image below, which draws parallels between the SEAL aspect of the symbol (and Blackwater [5]) but does not address Craft International:

Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon? Boston Marathon 5

Now it’s time to narrow it down. Are these men SEALS, Blackwater, or what? Well, by visiting the Craft International About Us [6] page, we start to get answers. Not only is the favicon (little tab icon) of the site the exact same logo (which on the hat presumably reads ‘Craft’), but in image 3 (seen below) we see Chris Kyle with the exact same standard issue Craft International uniform we see these men wearing. From the boots, pants, and even baseball cap icon, it matches up. See for yourself below:

Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon? chris kyle craft international

So are these individuals working for Craft International? It seems so, but why are private military soldiers present at the Boston Marathon? Perhaps it coincides with the perceived threat of a bombing [2] that eyewitness Alastair Stevenson reports.

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