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DHS Requests Plastic Explosives Then Hides Evidence

Posted By admin On August 6, 2012 @ 2:31 am In U.S. News | Comments Disabled

James Smith
Alt Market [1]
Aug 6, 2012

With the odd purchases of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security [2] I decided to see what else they have purchased. To my surprise a solicitation for a flexible explosive was posted. This explosive is known as Prima Sheet. Prima sheet comes in two styles:

Prima Sheet 1000 is PETN based, and Prima Sheet 2000 is RDX based. Both are water resistant high explosives and this material is available to the US military.

And, according to the manufacturer, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company [3] the materials uses are:

  • Breaching
  • Military demolition
  • Ordnance disposal
  • Metal hardening
  • Metal forming and welding
  • Skin severance charge

With regards to breaching, the information sheets state:

PRIMASHEET® 1000 [4] is an excellent tool for general demolition applications. It can be easily cut to any desired shape and applied with adhesive or incorporated into a charge holder. The flexible sheet can be applied as strips directly on a the target or used to improvise linear shape charges.

Demolition/BreachingPRIMASHEET® 2000 [5] has a higher density than C-4, is unaffected by charge manipulation, and therefore offers a more consistent performance in all standard applications. It can be easily cut to a desired shape and applied with adhesive or incorporated into a charger holder.

What was lacking in the solicitation [6]was the quantity required, budget requirements, shipping dates, and other pertinent information a business would require to know in order to put forth a bid. Here is a screen capture of the solicitation request:

So I sent a letter to the point of contact, Delisa Y Corbett. And this was the email I sent:

“Hello Ms. Corbett,

The solicitation listed above did not state the quantity of the Prima Sheet, nor the type (type 1000 or type 2000).

Could you send me the PDF of the specifications?

Thank you.

James Smith”

I never received a response.

So in doing follow up due to the lack of communication by the “Most Open Administration”, I typed in “Prima Sheet” in the search engine at FBO.gov, and set it for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). The results:

Opportunity Agency/Office/Location [7] Type [8]Set-aside [9] Posted On [10]
357 SIG Duty Ammunition
13 — Ammunition & explosives
Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration
Headquarters TSA
Sources Sought (Modified) Aug 03, 2012
.357 SIG Training Ammunition
13 — Ammunition & explosives
Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration
Headquarters TSA
Sources Sought Aug 02, 2012
.357 Sig Duty Ammmunition
13 — Ammunition & explosives
Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration
Headquarters TSA
Sources Sought Aug 02, 2012

I found this to be odd. I clearly typed in the right words, but the search engine could not find “Prima Sheet”. So I typed in the Solicitation number, HSTS02-12-Q-CAN059, and this was the result:

So let’s put this all into context:

The TSA might use Prima Sheet to destroy luggage and other contraband. Fine. But when a request for more information is placed – that request is ignored.

When the material being solicited for does not show up in the search engine, and the solicitation number vanishes from the FBO website, now we have something here. We have a secret. And when governments keep secrets from their own people you have mistrust. Mistrust leads to fear, and fear leads to anger. Anger feeds a revolt and a revolution is thus born.

How did I find the original solicitation notice? I used the National Security Administration’s golden child of software: Google.

In the face of potential martial law coming either before or after this fall’s election, knowing that this solicitation has become a black ops is frightening, to say the least.

DHS/FEMA now has the ability to carry a plastic explosive more powerful that C4 in a briefcase, that each page can be cut like strips and put around locks to gain entry into the homes of innocent Americans.

And not a word will be uttered in opposition by our Congressmen or our other elected voices until it’s too late. As long as they receive a paycheck, they will stay silent.

And the American people will suffer tyranny yet again under the boot of a spineless puppet.

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