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DHS Seeks Armed Guards to Protect Government Buildings in Arkansas

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After spending $80 million on armed guards to prepare for “civil disturbances” in New York

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 23, 2013

DHS Seeks Armed Guards to Protect Government Buildings in Arkansas 231013guard

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Even as it spends $80 million dollars on hiring a raft of armed guards to prepare for “civil disturbances” in New York, the Department of Homeland Security is also seeking to acquire 723,000 hours of armed guard services to protect government buildings in Arkansas.

A solicitation posted this week on the Federal Business Opportunities [1] website states that the DHS is looking for Protective Security Officer (PSO) services in the state of Arkansas and that, “The armed PSOs will protect federal personnel and property at federally owned and leased buildings.”

The initial contract period will run for one year, with an option to extend each year for a total of five years. The estimated number of hours the guards will perform security over that period runs to almost 723,000 hours.

On Monday we also revealed [2] that the DHS was set to spent $80 million dollars on hiring armed guards in New York to be used during “public demonstration(s),” as well as “civil disturbances, or other unanticipated events on an as-needed basis.”

Is the federal government’s hiring of all these armed guards merely a routine procedure, or are they preparing for some form of civil unrest?

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to deduce that the DHS is indeed gearing up for domestic disorder, since the federal agency itself admitted to that fact earlier this year.

In June, it emerged [3] that the DHS was purchasing top of the range body armor and helmets for FPS (Federal Protective Service) guards as part of preparations for what they called “riot control situations.”

Reacting to Monday’s Infowars story about the DHS spending $80 million on armed guards to protect government buildings in New York against “civil disturbances” and “public demonstrations,” Fox News host Neil Cavuto [4] speculated that the guards could be linked to cuts in food stamp benefits set to take effect on November 1st.

“They’re worried that violence will ensue,” said Cavuto, adding that all hell could break loose in a similar fashion to how a crash in the EBT system provoked mini-riots and looting [5] at several Walmart stores earlier this month.

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