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Do Not Fly: the Feds May Be Planning a Massacre at Checkpoint Lines

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Becky Akers
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Jan 27, 2013

I’m not certain whether The Washington Times considers itself mainstream media, and, if it does, whether anyone else agrees. But it contains a lengthy warning that the Fedcoats [2] may be plotting a “mass shooting” at one of the TSA’s checkpoints [3], a la Newtown or the movie-theater in Colorado. Why would Our Rulers murder more of us? Because another massacre “would likely lead to even more calls for gun control measures, as well as discussions of arming TSA workers…”

The writer bases his story on a report from a “TSA source” who says he and his fellow gropers “are being instructed to ‘save themselves’ instead of attempting to protect passengers.” Good: those inept bozos scrambling to escape rather than pestering passengers gives the latter the best chance of surviving. “It is unclear whether the TSA is conducting this training at airports around the nation or only at the airport where the source, a veteran of the agency, is assigned. Expressing fear bordering on extreme distress, the TSA source claims that his life, along with the lives of other unarmed TSA personnel, would be in grave danger were an airport checkpoint shooting to unfold.” Yeah, what a pity to take out Thieves and Sexual Assailants when perfectly good passengers are milling about.

Of course, this is the scenario that many genuine experts in security — as opposed to the charlatans at the TSA — have predicted for years: that bad guys will attack the hundreds of people whom the TSA delays in long, vulnerable lines. And it is yet another proof that the agency actually endangers, rather than protects, passengers; politician of even minimal decency and concern for their constituents would abolish the TSA rather than annually stealing our money to finance its depredations on us.

At any rate, if gate-rape and games of sexual humiliation and dominance at the government’s checkpoints are not enough to keep you from flying, perhaps the suspicion that the serial killers in office hope to slaughter yet more innocents will.

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