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Esquire Publishes Shockingly Fair Profile of Alex Jones

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Turning point for mainstream media?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 20, 2013

Esquire Publishes Shockingly Fair Profile of Alex Jones 200813jones

Image: Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine has broken ranks with the majority of the biased mainstream media by writing a shockingly fair and at times warm and humorous profile of Alex Jones.

It’s quite the departure from last week’s MSNBC hit piece [1], during which Alex Wagner and guests all but blamed Jones for the Boston Bombings and accused him of “getting paid to be racist.”

Entitled Alex Jones: Father Knows Best, Updated for the Apocalypse [2], John H. Richardson’s piece offers an insight into the background and mind of Alex Jones as the journalist accompanies Jones on a family holiday in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

I’m not going to try to summarize Richardson’s lengthy article in a concise blog post, but it really is worth reading the whole profile.

The only parts of the article that lose context due to editorial constraints concern abortion and gay marriage. In reality, Jones strongly opposes abortion and firmly believes that the entire gay marriage debate is a diversionary rabbit hole based around ‘fake rights’ which merely serves to push aside the bigger issue of all Americans’ fundamental rights being continually violated.

In addition, the claim that Alex’s wife is Jewish is inaccurate. Her grandfather was Jewish on her mother’s side but she is a Christian.

The fact that Richardson has not followed in the footsteps of previous journalists who have assured Alex Jones they are writing a fair piece only to turn around and portray him as a monster (June’s Bloomberg profile [3] springs to mind), is a breath of fresh air.

Perhaps this represents a turning point in not only how the mainstream treats Alex Jones but the alternative media as a whole.

Whether you like Alex Jones’ style or not, the fact that he truly believes and lives what he says, that it’s not some kind of phony “act,” and that he is a legitimate part of the national conversation can no longer be ignored or dismissed by the corporate press. To do so would be dishonest and agenda-driven.

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