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Fukushima Nightmare Far Worse Than Admitted

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Daniel G. J.
Prison Planet.com
August 26, 2013

The Fukushima nuclear nightmare is far from over, and it is worse than we thought. Media reports indicate that around 300 tons of radioactive water have leaked out of one of the damaged reactors at the Daichi Nuclear Power Plant and could enter the Pacific Ocean.

All that is stopping the water from reaching the ocean and the fish that live in it is a wall of sandbags being erected by workers. To make matters worse, this is only the latest leak at the Fukushima plant, and the mainstream media reports [1] are only addressing the tip of the iceberg.


A few weeks ago Reuters reported [2] that radioactive water is leaking into the ground and contaminating groundwater at the site, and the Japan Nuclear Regulatory Authority told the news agency that there was fear that water would reach the Pacific too. Previous reports have already confirmed [3] that a large percentage of radiation has been leaked into the Pacific.

The water leaking weeks ago apparently came from underground tanks, with the latest leak considered an entirely separate incident. The situation at Fukushima is even more worrisome as there are 1,000 tanks there that are just 500 yards from the Pacific. If the radioactive water leaks into the Pacific, it could conceivably be carried to the West Coast of Canada and the United States by current. This could also tie into today’s report by Anthony Gucciardi on the Pentagon preparing [4] for major domestic issues in the near future.

Part of the problem is that the Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, which owns the Fukushima plant, has not been honest about the leaks. Media reports indicate that officials think TEPCO is covering up other leaks.

The Fukushima nightmare that began when the Tsunami destroyed the plant in 2011 is far from over, and it’s not going anywhere until officials take real action. The nuclear nightmare will continue into the foreseeable future, and it is being ignored by the U.S. media. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is planning dozens [5] of nuclear reactors across the United States.

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