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G20 Protesters Storm Bank And Clash With Cops

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Sky News [1]
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Riot police had to be sent in after G20 demonstrators attacked a uniformed officer and stormed a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in central London.

Protesters smashed windows at the RBS building and clambered inside.

Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said he had seen police CCTV pictures of the demonstrators removing equipment and starting a small fire.

Police on foot backed up by a line of mounted officers lined up outside the branch as smoke bombs were thrown by a baying crowd.

Earlier, a protester hit an officer with a large pole during large-scale protests ahead of the G20 summit of world leaders.


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Anger at bankers’ role in the global economic downturn and frustration at slow progress in tackling climate change prompted thousands to take to the streets in the capital.

Four protest marches converged on the Bank of England after setting off along separate routes as helicopters circled overhead.

City workers leaned out of windows and waved £10 notes at demonstrators on the streets below, who responded with jeers and shouts.

A group of officers was forced to retreat behind metal crowd barriers outside the Bank, apparently because of the crush of the crowd in front of them.

Missiles – including fruit – were thrown towards police as red smoke rose above the crowd.

One protester, who was bleeding from a wound to his head, was seen shouting at police officers who had formed a line in front of them.

Another demonstrator dressed in black then ran forward and hit an officer with a pole.

Sky News Online’s Alex Watts, at the scene, said police cordoned off the area where the attack took place.

Scuffles also broke out between police and demonstrators near the Corn Exchange.

Some 23 people have been arrested. 

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