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Gallup poll: Global Warming dead last again

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Watts Up With That? [1]
April 18, 2012

I missed this last Friday, but better late than never. From Gallup Worry About U.S. Water, Air Pollution at Historical Lows [2]. Looks like a double body-blow to admitted document thief Dr. Peter Gleick; Americans don’t share his top two concerns on water and climate, probably because of the actions of zealots like him.

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These results are based on Gallup’s annual Environment poll, conducted March 8-11. The trends are part of a broader decline in worry about environmental threats documented in the poll.

Gallup asked Americans to say how much they worry about each of seven environmental problems. All show significantly less worry today than in 2000, when worry was at or near its high point for each item. The declines in concern about drinking-water pollution and air pollution are the largest for the problems included in this year’s poll.

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More broadly, worry about the seven issues is below the historical average for each. Most of the trends date back to 1989.

Concern about these environmental problems is down among most major subgroups since 2000. Across the seven items, the percentage worried a great deal is down an average 16 percentage points among Republicans, 18 points among independents, and 13 points among Democrats.

Americans Worry Most About Water Contamination, Least About Global Warming

On a relative basis, Americans tend to worry more about environmental threats to the nation’s water supplies than those that affect other parts of the environment. The highest levels of worry this year are for contamination of soil and water by toxic waste, pollution of drinking water, and pollution of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

Concern about global warming is lowest of the seven environmental issues tested, even though it is up slightly this year from last year [3].

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The relative rank order of these environmental issues has generally been consistent over time, with water-related problems at the top and global warming at the bottom [4]. In fact, the three water concerns in this year’s poll have ranked as the top three concerns over any other environmental problems nearly every time they have been asked since 1989. Pollution of drinking water has most often been the top concern.

More at Gallup Worry About U.S. Water, Air Pollution at Historical Lows [2].


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