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Geoengineering (chemtrails) shredding ozone layer daily, putting all life on earth at risk

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Zach C. Miller
Natural News [1]
Jul 8, 2013

Every day unmarked jets fly high above our heads and release an aerosol spray into the upper atmosphere. This aerosol consists of ultra fine, toxic nano particulates made up of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals. These metal particulates are sized in the 10 nanometer range. Their microscopic size insures that with every breath we breathe, we’re inhaling toxic metal particles which are extremely damaging to our health. There is no question that geoengineering poses a threat to all human, animal, and plant life on earth.

Shredding ozone

One of the most damaging side-effects of stratospheric geoengineering (chemtrails) is the damage they do to the protective layers of atmosphere that surround the earth. Our ozone layer and ionosphere are literally being “shredded” by aerosol spraying every day. This creates a multitude of light spectrum and UV radiation problems for all living organisms that reside on planet earth. The ozone layer of our planet protects us from solar radiation; when its integrity is compromised, all living organisms are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.

UV radiation levels are increasing dramatically around the globe. This the reason why the sun seems to feel “too hot” on exposed skin in a short amount time. Our skin was not designed to be exposed to this amount of UV radiation, nor were our visual processing systems.

UV radiation and “light scattering” particles

The particulate metals dispersed in the aerosol are “light scattering” materials. As sunlight is “scattered”, the light spectrum is altered and causes as-of-yet unknown negative effects all on life. Earthbound life-forms naturally evolved before geoengineering [2] existed, and evolved under a certain relatively stable level of UV radiation and a certain light spectrum. As such, our eyes and the eyes of animals become irritated by changes in the light spectrum and unnatural levels of UV. This is why eye irritation is much more prevalent in the era of geoengineering.


At this juncture we must examine how solar light affects quality of life. Under an ozone layer that is being systematically destroyed every day, the quality of life [3] for all living organisms cannot go anywhere else but down. Indeed, if geoengineering continues, we will undoubtedly experience increasingly frequent health-related ailments and irritants, and the quality of life on earth will continue to decline.

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About the author:
Zach C. Miller was raised from an early age to believe in the power and value of healthy-conscious living. He later found in himself a talent for writing, and it only made sense to put two & two together! He has written and published articles about health & wellness and other topics on ehow.com and here on NaturalNews. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science.

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