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Global Great Depression and Population Reduction by 2030: MIT and The Club of Rome Prophecy

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Michael Edwards
April 8, 2012

As tyranny continues its march out into the open, it is increasingly becoming cloaked in green.  Under the guise of saving humanity, a chorus of recent announcements within elite circles, think-tanks, educational institutions, and the halls of science are calling for drastic measures to stop the planet’s inevitable implosion from an overshot carrying capacity.

A U.N policy paper recently outlined the building blocks for a world government [1] that would enforce a “heavy-handed” approach toward humanity’s impact on the environment, as this new epoch of The Anthropocene Age [2] has begun to negatively alter the planet in irrevocable ways.

A rather infamous book, from a rather infamous group called The Club of Rome, is making a reappearance as humanity hurtles toward demise if its stewardship is not turned over to technocrats.  Limits to Growth (1972) is nothing short of a blueprint for population reduction and neo-feudalism; or, as Yale economist Henry Wallich stated at the time of its release, its implementation means “consigning billions to poverty.”

It appears that this plan has been green-lighted by the elite, as recent MIT research validates the conclusions drawn by Limits to Growth at this crucial time when we see the world economy imploding, and a jack-booted green police ready to hit the streets.  According to MIT, we are headed toward a guaranteed planet-wide economic collapse and “precipitous population decline” if we do not heed the words of The Club of Rome.

suicides [3] are filling the streets throughout Europe, as draconian measures are being taken to curb runaway debt.  This debt has provably been created by the Ponzi scheme of international banksters [4] who have employed a loan-shark framework that is only paying dividends to those in position to buy up deliberately collapsed assets for pennies on the dollar.

Full article at Activist Post [5]

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