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Gold Prices Cheap: Analyst

Posted By admin On December 7, 2009 @ 5:19 am In Money Watch | Comments Disabled

TheStreet [1]
Monday, Dec 7th, 2009

Gold prices hover at $1,200. Believe it or not, top analysts say it’s cheap — here’s how they say to invest in gold.

Some analysts believe gold is an asset bubble waiting to burst, even China’s central bank weighed in with that idea. But James Turk, author and founder of GoldMoney, argues that gold will hit $8,000 by 2015. Turk says to ignore the price and just pick one day every month and buy the precious metal. Sometimes investors will get gold at a lower price and sometimes they will pay up, but overtime Turk argues that they will accumulate the precious metal at a good average cost. I asked Turk for the best way to buy.

James Turk: For most individuals, I just recommend buying physical gold. If you’re a speculator or a professional trader, you might want to buy paper gold in one of its variable alternatives in order to try trading and make some additional money. But you know gold is a wealth preservation asset and that’s why I say view it as a savings account. Instead of saving via currency, which is losing purchasing power … hold gold instead. The other thing to keep in mind is when you’re buying physical gold there are basically only two ways to do it. You buy it and you store it yourself or you buy it and you have someone store it for you, which is what we do in my company, Goldmoney. Both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages.

James Turk: For example, if you buy it and store it yourself, you have it in hand but how much gold do you want to keep in the basement or buried in the backyard. Can you really get it insured? The other hand, if you’re storing it with a company, you don’t have it in hand, which some people actually prefer. I actually recommend a combination of both. But if you do store it with someone else, make sure they have the same type of governance procedures that we have in Goldmoney. The most important of which is independent third-party audits to prove that the gold you own really exists.

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