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Gold Surges On Weak Economy Data and Eurozone Debt Crisis

Kurt Nimmo
September 6, 2011

Gold has climbed once again as word circulates about a possible third round of money printing [1] by the Federal Reserve on weak payroll data, tumbling stock markets, and the eurozone debt crisis.

“Gold gets a boost from further deterioration in the Greek sovereign debt crisis followed by heavy investor buying in the wake of U.S. jobs data showing no growth in employment,”James Steel [2], an analyst at HSBC Securities USA Inc., told Bloomberg on Monday.

The European Central Bank has exploited the debt crisis to call for eliminating national sovereignty.

Both Citibank and Goldman Sachs anticipate a third round of so-called quantitative easing [3]following the Federal Reserve’s second round. The Fed purchased $600 billion of Treasuries in QE2 after dumping $1.25 trillion in the first round. QE4 is likely to begin this week after the Bank of London starts buying bonds.

Although gold has backed off its overnight all-time record high of $1,923.70, it is trading at$1,889.50 an ounce [4] today.

The yellow metal is in the eleventh year of a bull run as investors diversify away from equities and fiat currencies.

“In the short term, gold prices are going to be underpinned by many supporting factors, whether it’s euro-zone debt concerns, slowing growth in the U.S. and the potential for another round of quantitative easing,” said Ong Yi Ling [5], investment analyst at Phillip Futures in Singapore.

“When you buy gold, it’s an insurance against systematic failure and problems in the financial markets,” investor Marc Faber [3] told Bloomberg.

Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis has picked up steam [5] as Greece suspends talks with its lenders and pressure builds on Italy to implement austerity measures. In Italy and Spain, trade unions are on the move [6] against the latest austerity measures.

Finland has demanded collateral [7] in Greece’s bailout while Germany is due in court later this week where the legality of its euro-bailout contributions will be tested.

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