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Guardian Writer Followed By Undercover Police At Bilderberg

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Detained a second time for taking pictures

Steve Watson
Infowars.net [1]
Friday, May 15, 2009

Guardian Writer Followed By Undercover Police At Bilderberg 150509Bilderberg3 The London Guardian’s comedy writer, Charlie Skelton, is now being stalked by undercover police at the Astir Palace resort near Athens for covering the Bilderberg conference.

Skelton was detained by Greek police for a second time yesterday for taking photographs of the area, immediately before he appeared live on the Alex Jones radio show.

Now the writer says he is being followed by two undercover police officers, who he believes may have also gotten into his hotel room while he was taking breakfast.

“I’ve just been chatting to the plainclothes policemen I caught following me.” Skelton writes in his latest dispatch [2]. “As absurd as it sounds, I’ve just ‘made my tail’. They’re watching me now. REALLY.”

Skelton writes that the two officers “Nick and John” followed and interrogated him earlier today after he had spotted them watching him in his hotel the night before.

He relates the officers’ questions:

“How many days you spend here?” – “Where you from exactly?” – “You staying here alone?” I I was laughing. It was too bizarre. “What is your job?”

Though Skelton’s reports began rather comically, it is clear that he has come in for more harassment than he bargained for, underlining the fact that tracking down Bilderberg is a serious undertaking for any journalist, particularly one writing for a mainstream outlet.

Skelton outlines this in his latest report:

“I’m just an ordinary guy. A concerned citizen. For this week at least, a blogger. Barely a reporter. A terrible photographer. No threat to anyone. I’m nobody. But just up the hill, in a luxury hotel, there’s a meeting of the most powerful somebodies in the world. Bilderberg. I’ve been hauled off to the police station twice. Before this week, I’ve never had so much as a cross word with a policeman IN MY LIFE.”

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Guardian Writer Followed By Undercover Police At Bilderberg obama 340x169 [3]

Though Skelton may not have anticipated exactly what he was letting himself in for, his reports may represent the initial crack in the dam on this years Bilderberg conference as far as mainstream coverage is concerned.

For every Guardian reader (and writer for that matter) that laughs off Bilderberg, there will be another who will actually look further into its activities and its agenda.

Listen to Charlie Skelton’s appearance on the Alex Jones show yesterday:

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