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Healthy baby kidnapped in Minnesota, force-fed drugs by medical community and court system

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Ethan A. Huff
March 13, 2013

A precious baby boy from Minnesota became the latest victim of state-sponsored medical terrorism recently after Child Protective Services (CPS) forcibly abducted the otherwise healthy child from his birth mother and her family right after his birth. Rico Martinez Nagel, born December 19, 2012, has had to live most of his life thus far in a hospital on feeding tubes and dangerous drugs, away from his family, thanks to an over-zealous cohort of medical, state, and legal powers apparently working on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel to boost its own interests.

It all starts with Rico’s mother Lindsey, who almost died several years ago as a result of taking the antiretroviral drug AZT (zidovudine). A native of Romania, Lindsey was adopted by her now-parents and taken to America because her own birth mother was unable to take care of her. Before leaving the eastern-European country, Lindsey was required to be tested for HIV, upon which she came up negative. But after arriving in the U.S. and getting tested again, Lindsey somehow tested positive for HIV.

Not surprisingly, conventional doctors advised Lindsey’s new parents to begin giving her AZT, which resulted in the young girl losing significant muscle mass and experiencing excruciating pain. Lindsey also stopped eating as a result of taking AZT, prompting her parents to seek a second opinion about the safety of the drug. After consulting with Dr. Peter Duesberg, a world-class scientist, Lindsey’s parents decided to stop the AZT protocol, which they were falsely told would help “extend” her life. Once off the drug, Lindsey experienced a dramatic recovery and went on to live a healthy, symptom-free life.

Lindsey’s parents went on to tell the story of how they essentially saved their daughter’s life by taking her off AZT in the 2009 documentary film House of Numbers, which clearly caught the attention of the state and medical cartels. This would explain why several years later when Rico was born, the medical-industrial complex was ready and waiting to seize young Rico, and make sure he did not escape the state-sanctioned protocol for treating an alleged HIV-positive individual.

“It was clear that the doctors were suspicious of our views, and it was as if they decided to punish Lindsey and John (Rico’s father) because we had the nerve to defy medical orders 20 years ago, even though our decision to do so saved our daughter’s life,” explains Rico’s family on a website they created for the boy entitled Save Rico.

State forces dangerous drugs on young Rico despite lack of HIV-positive evidence

According to Rico’s family, the state’s intervention in attempting to force both Lindsey and Rico to submit to additional testing for HIV was basically a plot to eventually accuse them of child endangerment. By refusing to expose little Rico to the same deadly treatment that Lindsey received, in other words, CPS argued that the family was endangering Rico’s life. But truth be told, there are no legitimate tests in existence to prove that Rico, who was healthy before being abducted by the state, even has HIV.

“We knew Lindsey was HIV positive, but of course, we weren’t sure about Rico because there is not an accurate test for babies, as they usually carry their mother’s antibodies to HIV until about 18 months,” says Rico’s family. “[Eighty-five] percent of babies born to HIV positive mothers shed their ‘maternal antibodies’ by themselves and never truly become HIV positive, even without any drugs.”

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You can read Rico’s full story, and stay updated on his progress, here: http://saverico.com/

You can also watch a short video of Rico in his mother’s arms at the hospital here:

This article was posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 5:45 am

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