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How America Reacted: Miley Cyrus Vs Syria

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Michael Lotfi
Ben Swann.com [1]
August 27, 2013

When the Ben Swann team has conference calls we certainly do not discuss pop culture. However, after watching the Miley Cyrus video pop up in my Facebook news-feed multiple times I said to myself, “What the hell, watch it.” After regaining composure from the visceral reaction- I thought, “What is wrong with this country?” This video has popped up at least 50 times in my feed, but hardly anyone is talking about Syria.

So, I ran some analytics [2] on Google just to see how the two compared. The results were shocking. On August 25th after Miley’s VMA performance [3] her Google peak rating went from 67 to 100 in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, during the same period of time the US military moved cruise missiles into position to strike Syria [4]. The reason for doing so is because the Obama administration claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. However, this is extremely debatable [5] and has not been proven. In fact, multiple sources claim that the Syrian rebels [6] are actually the ones who used the chemical weapons- not the Assad regime. Other sources claim [7] the opposite. Should it not be necessary to at least first verify where the chemical weapons came from? Should Congress not be yelling at the top of their lungs for the unconstitutional move by President Obama? Ben has been reporting on this developing situation for days.

How America Reacted: Miley Cyrus Vs Syria Cyrus 1024x415 [8]

Google Analytics Miley Cyrus VS Syria 

The world is now positioning itself for what could possibly be the beginning of the next world war. France, Great Britain and the USA are now aligning [9] against China, Syria, Russia and Iran. With such massive military force beginning to mobilize dependent upon the supposed use of chemical weapons one would assume that the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria would skyrocket. On August 25th the peak search value for chemical attacks in Syria actually fell to a value of 3, which is down from a value of 4 only 24 hours earlier. The term “Syria” is valued at 55, which is also down 1 point in the same 24 hour period (Update 1).

Miley Cyrus: 100

Syria: 3/55

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