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Is A Deluge Of Latent Rape Accusations Against Strauss-Kahn Imminent?

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Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge [1]
Monday, May 16, 2011

A French reader of Zero Hedge steps up and makes the following bold prediction: a “Tiger Woods effect” is now imminent, as many other rape accusations against Dominique  (or will that soon be Demonique?) Strauss-Kahn emerge, since yesterday’s rape episode is most certainly not the first time this has occurred (granted, DSK is innocent until proven guilty). “Until now, hes has been bale to fight back allegations by “fixing” the situation through influence and keeping the French press shut up, or by pressuring the women into not getting into a public battle with him.” Now this status quo is over, and it is very likely that very soon many more will step up from under the cloak of anonymity and tell their story.

Full prediction:

This is not the first time this has happened. But until now, hes has been bale to fight back allegations by “fixing” the situation through influence and keeping the French press shut up, or by pressuring the women into not getting into a public battle with him.

I wanted to point you to this video:

Short summary:

This young journalist was attacked when she interviewed DSK who made her come to a remote apartment with nothing but a TV, VCR, and bed in it.

He then attacked her and she fought back. He tore off her bra and jeans. She used the words “rape” during the fight to scare him away, but he showed no reaction. She was eventually able to flee, but did not bring charges on the advice of an attorney who showed her a pile of similar cases against DSK but that the other women had decided not to go forward. The lawyer advised her that, if she went forward, she would forever be known as the woman who brought down DSK, not as a journalist.

After the incident and after she had been able to flee, DSK sent her a phone text message, saying’ “You fear me, don’t you?”

The TV show was a show where well-known people talk about their most difficult professional moments.

When the TV show initially ran, the moments where Banon mentions Strauss-Kahn’s name were BLEEPED out. The bleeps have now been removed.

If you dig deeper, you will find much, much more, at every step of his career.
You can break stories and make safe predictions.

I fully expect a Tiger Woods effect if he stays in prison, as other women will then feel sufficiently safe to step forward.

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