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Kurt Haskell Says He Will Sue Feds in Underwear Bomber Case

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Kurt Nimmo
October 12, 2011

Kurt Haskell Says He Will Sue Feds in Underwear Bomber Case 1010 Underwear full 600Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell said he plans to file a civil lawsuit against the government in the underwear bomber case now that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has suddenly reversed course and decided to plead guilty.

“Abdulmutallab’s reversal now means that Detroit Attorney Kurt Haskell’s contention that the plot was, as in almost every other terror case made public [1], a product of government entrapment, and that the US intelligence establishment was involved in the aborted attack, will now remain buried, at least for the time being,” Paul Joseph Watson [2] wrote earlier today as news of the reversal was reported.

Abdulmutallab entered a plea of not guilty eight months ago at the start of his trial on charges he attempted to use of a weapon of mass destruction, conspired to commit an act of terrorism and attempted murder.

The corporate media [3] immediately attempted to cover the government’s effort to shut down the case and prevent Haskell from testifying by claiming Abdulmutallab had changed course in order to have the opportunity to read a six-minute speech to the courtroom in which he said that his crimes had been a payback for U.S. military killings of people in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Kurt Haskell said the lawsuit will allow him to subpoena witnesses and ask questions. He told Alex Jones he is primarily interested in getting “some more truth” out of the case now that the government has moved to shut down the release of further information, in particular the identity of the well dressed Indian man who escorted Abdulmutallab to the flight in Amsterdam on Christmas day, 2009.

Alex noted that it is now government policy to murder suspects like the underwear bomber’s alleged handler and Pentagon dinner guest, Anwar Awlaki, instead of bringing them to trial.

Because of this and the government’s habitual lies and deception, lawsuits like the one Kurt Haskell will file against the government are of particular importance, Jones explained.

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