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Majority of ‘gluten-free’ foods found to contain GMOs

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Mike Adams
Natural News [1]
Oct 10, 2012

In the wake of all the recent revelations about the dangers of GMOs, a special warning needs to go out to all those health-conscious consumers buying “gluten-free” foods. As it turns out, most “gluten-free” foods sold in the USA contain genetically modified organisms.

Why is this so? Because the primary ingredient in most gluten-free foods is corn. And most corn-based foods are made with genetically modified corn. Around 85% of the conventional corn grown in the USA is genetically modified corn, and that corn is engineered to produce its own deadly insecticide right inside every grain.

When GM corn is harvested and made into gluten-free foods, the insecticide stays with it and resides in the gluten-free food. As a result, people who are buying gluten-free are often exposing themselves to the risk of toxicity from GM corn.

What are those risks, exactly? No one knows for sure, as GMOs are still a radical agricultural experiment being conducted on the population at large. But French researchers recently found that feeding a lifetime of GM corn to rats [2] caused a huge increase in the risk of developing horrifying, massive tumors and premature death. The rats who were fed GM corn also sufferedwidespread organ damage.

How to avoid GM corn in gluten-free foods

The only gluten-free foods that don’t contain GM corn are those foods that either don’t use corn as an ingredient or ones that use certified organic corn. GMOs are not allowed under an organic label.

Sadly, there are very few gluten-free [3] foods that are also USDA organic. So gluten-free shoppers have very few choices if they wish to avoid both gluten as well as GMOs.

Even worse, the fact that GMOs are still not labeled on foods turns the act of gluten-free shopping into a mystery minefield of dangerous guesswork. The upcoming ballot measure Proposition 37 [4] would, of course, mandate the labeling of genetically engineered ingredients in all foods sold in California, and that is expected to cause sweeping changes across the entire food industry if it passes.

In the mean time, my advice is to avoid all gluten-free foods [5] unless they are USDA organic. If you don’t, you may be avoiding gluten but ingesting GMO instead, effectively trading one toxin for another. And that’s not what you bargained for, is it?

Check the labels of all gluten-free foods

Do the ingredients include corn? Corn syrup? Maltodextrin? These are all corn derivatives, and if they’re not USDA organic, they’re likely to be genetically modified.

Of course, this is NOT true outside the USA. GMOs [6] are already banned in many countries, and GMO labeling laws exist in prominent nations around the world. This article is written solely for American consumers who remain inundated with genetically modified corn [7] grown from the evil seed of Monsanto and other biotech seed suppliers.

Beware of gluten-free. Do your homework before taking another bite. While avoiding gluten is a wonderful strategy for many people, you don’t want to trade one possible toxin for another possible toxin.

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