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“Manufactured Protests” Myth Starts To Crack

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Outraged C-Span caller takes on media lies about lobbyists, racism

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Monday, August 10, 2009

The media created myth that the town hall protests raging across the country are artificially manufactured is starting to crack, as the public takes the press to task for parroting the erroneous talking point that the demonstrations are the work of lobbyists and Republican organizations, and that they are fostered by underlying racism.

A caller to C-Span’s Washington Journal show perfectly clarified the issues we have been highlighting all along, that the protesters are not just Republican “right-wingers,” they aren’t being prodded into action by lobbyists, and the anger is not just directed against Obamacare, but against the entire agenda, and especially against Congress passing legislation thousands of pages long without even reading it.

As we highlighted last week, ABC News reported that there was no evidence of lobbyists at the protests [2]. Shortly after this, Obamanoids simply switched their talking point and started to claim that the demonstrations were all being organized by Republican organizations.

The C-Span caller who labeled herself an Independent stated that she only started going to protests as recently as July 4th and before that she wasn’t even political.

The caller points out that the protests are growing because, “All these massive bills, thousands of pages long that are passed with almost no debate, no time for us to see what’s in it,” and in complete contrast to promised of transparency on behalf of the new administration.


Manufactured Protests Myth Starts To Crack aj150709banner1 [3]

“When I watch the news people stand here and tell me that I am a member of a hired mob and that I’ve been called up by the Republican party….I’ve never been contacted by any organized group – this is an organic movement – when people stand there and lie to me about what I know is going on how can I trust them when they tell me it’s gonna save money?” she said, adding, “Yes people are getting angry, that doesn’t mean it’s fake, that means it’s real.”

The caller then took on attempts to discredit the protests by labeling them racist by pointing out that the only person to have been physically attacked during the demonstrations was a black man who was protesting against Obama. As we reported on Friday [4], pro-Obamacare supporters assaulted Kenneth Gladney, who was handing out Gadsen flags outside an event in in Mehville, Missouri that opponents of the health care bill were barred from entering.

Despite efforts to depict the protesters as extremist thugs and even Nazis, the real brownshirt tactics are being put into action by White House front groups [5]such as HCAN, ACORN, MoveOn.org (a George Soros outfit), the National Council of La Raza, the eugenics front Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the Clintonite John Podesta‚Äôs war-mongering Center for American Progress, who have organized “marshals” whose job it will be to police protesters and stifle their freedom of speech.

In addition, the government has called on people to inform on those critical of Obamacare [6] via an online snitch form at the White House.gov website, creating an enemies list and enabling the Obama administration to pursue its political adversaries.

Watch the C-Span clip below.

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