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Marc Faber Resumes Bloodfeud With Treasurys, Still Sees Entire Financial System Imploding

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Zero Hedge [1]
January 20, 2012

The only thing that is as consistent as Marc Faber’s message to get out of government bonds ahead of a bout of global hyperinflation which will arrive once the vicious cycle of printing to pay interest finally dawns (which in turn would happen once central planners lose control of an artificially created situation, which by definition, always eventually happens), is the passion with which he repeats it over… and over… and over, like a man possessed, if ultimately 100% correct.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen and Erik Schatzker this morning, he does what he does best – cuts to the chase: “if you think it through and you are as bearish as I am, and you think the whole financial system will one day collapse, we don’t know if in 3 years, or 5 years, or 10 years,but one day there will be a reset, and everything will be essentially started anew, then you are better off in equities than in government bonds, because a lot of government bonds will either default or they will have to print so much money that the purchasing power of money will depreciate very rapidly.”

When asked if he feels uncomfortable predicting a calamity in bonds again, as he did back 2009, Faber is laconically empathic: “it is true that last year the 30 year bond returned 30%, and i owe David Rosenberg a bottle of whiskey” but analogizes: “from August 1999 to March 2000, the Nasdaq doubled, but at no time in that timeframe was it a good buy. And after it people lost a lot of money. We have now a symptom of monetary inflation and this is record corporate profits, and the second symptoms is essentially a bubble in high quality bonds: people seem so insecure and so much worried, they would rather be in a US bond with no yield, than in bonds that may not repay me, or in equities that may drop 30%. But it does not make them a good buy longer term.”

Yep: only Faber can get away with calling the bond market the second coming of the Nasdaq bubble and look cool doing it.

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