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Marxists Marchers Against Global Warming in Copenhagen

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Bob Ellis
Dakota Voice [1]
Friday, December 18, 2009

You can count on it: almost every time I point out that the campaign against the imaginary problem [2] of anthropogenic global warming is primarily Marxist-driven [3], Marxists come out of the woodwork to protest that, “No it isn’t.”

I laugh at such foolish statements every time, but you have to give them props for being able to continue peddling such an obviously false statement.

If this movement was truly about fighting this imaginary environmental problem, the religion’s apostles would spend more time trying to get Third World [4] and other developing nations to come up to the standards of the Western nations; instead, they attack the Western nations and demand they strangle their own economies while simultaneously transferring their wealth to the poor nations (a Marxist tenet).

If AGW apostles were sincerely trying to fight this imaginary problem, they wouldn’t engage in the kind [5] of hypocrisy [6] we continually [7] see from [8] this bunch [9]; it’s another characteristic of Marxism that mirrors the behavior we see in “The Animal Farm [10].”

The Great Global Warming Swindle [3]” took a good look at the Marxist influence in the modern environmentalist movement; I would encourage you to watch [3] the film if you haven’t already.

CNS News [11] also reported on the warmly-received capitalism-bashing which went on at the Copenhagen conference by some of the worst despots in the world:

Warning that the “silent and terrible ghost” of capitalism is lurking in Copenhagen, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez roused the global climate conference in the Danish capital Wednesday with a populist speech targeting his perennial target, the United States

“Capitalism is a destructive model that is eradicating life, that threatens to put a definitive end to the human species.”

Television footage of Chavez’ address showed delegates applauding some of his remarks, particularly those on capitalism, with some standing and clapping.


Marxists Marchers Against Global Warming in Copenhagen 031209banner2b [12]

President Obama’s buddy Hugo wasn’t the only despot in the mood for capitalism-bashing either:

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe also addressed the gathering on Wednesday. He, too, took aim at capitalism and Western governments which are his main critics.

“When these capitalist gods of carbon burp and belch their dangerous emissions, it’s we, the lesser mortals of the developing sphere who gasp and sink and eventually die,” he said.

“Why is the guilty north not showing the same fundamentalist spirit it exhibits in our developing countries on human rights matters on this more menacing threat of climate change?”

This murderous thug has a lot of room to talk. But then, that’s common among Marxists: claiming to be all worried about egalitarianism…as they butcher and jail their enemies.

But because people’s memories are short and a picture is worth a thousand words, videos like the one below are always welcome to continually illustrate these truths.

The “mainstream” media pretty much entirely glossed over these Marxist groups marching in Copenhagen; after all, they know most Americans aren’t up for their real agenda.  But as you see in this video, all the anti-West, anti-capitalism, anti-freedom Marxist flavors were well represented.  They ranged from the relatively (I stress relatively) benign socialists, to the more openly Marxist and virulent communists.  This spectrum of Marxist rot could be compared to illnesses, with socialism [13] being like having the flu (where you feel terrible, weak, and wish you were dead) to full-blown communism [14] which is like Ebola (very bloody and very deadly).

I know some of you have been duped into embracing the environmentalist movement.  The talk of clean air and water and good stewardship (something we all realize are important) are very seductive enticements, but you should be very careful who you get in bed with.  The modern environmentalists movement is not about clean air, water and good stewardship, but rather about advancing Marxist ideology.

Take heed, America!  This is the real face [15] behind the mask of the movement which is trying to force the environmental flavor of Marxism on you in the form of the cap and trade global warming tax [16], the UN Climate Change Treaty [17], the sustainability “Green Cities [18]movement [19], and more.

We must not allow them to trash our Constitution, quash our freedom and steal our hard-earned property.

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