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Mass Drugging of US Troops an Underreported Scandal

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Soldiers being forced to pop pills by exempt officer class

Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 19, 2013

The mass drugging of US troops is one of the most underreported scandals of the modern era, with soldiers not only being used as guinea pigs in a brave new world of pharmacological experimentation, but also having their rights stripped as a result.

Sgt. Joe Biggs recently joined the Alex Jones Show to describe in shocking details how he witnessed soldiers in Afghanistan displaying careless ignorance of the threat posed by IED’s because the troops were high on Percocet, a prescription painkiller based on oxycodone, a Schedule II narcotic analgesic which is derived from opium.

While US troops are supposedly guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan [1] (even as opium production continues to hit record highs [2]),increasing numbers of American soldiers are becoming hooked on opiates [3], some of which are being prescribed to them.

There is now an epidemic of drug use in the U.S. military. Figures show [4] that, “Since 1999, failed drug tests have increased in the U.S. Air Force by 82%, and in the U.S. Army by 37%.”

As Mike Adams documents [5], the Defense Department notes that “20 percent of U.S. troops are on psychiatric drugs, and that they are often handed as much as a 180-day supply of those pills before being deployed.”

The most underreported aspect of this whole scandal however is that troops are in many cases being forced to take prescription drugs against their will, while those in the officer class are often exempt from both the drugs and the increasing number of dangerous vaccines that are mandatory for new recruits.

“U.S. troops are being forced to take drugs like Prozac and Seroquel for anxiety and depression. Troops cannot refuse to take the drugs without consequences from their superiors. Resistance by U.S. troops to their orders is also running high. Some U.S. military patrols decline to carry out their “search and kill” missions and, instead, return to their bases claiming they carried out their orders,” reported Veterans for America. [6]

Other drugs like Mefloquine are also causing soldiers to go on killing rampages, such as last year’s incident [7] when Robert Bales shot dead 17 Afghan civilians including nine children. Drug abuse is also a core factor behind the shocking rise in soldiers committing suicide. A full third of all military suicides [8] are attributed to side-effects from medication

However, the cycle of drug abuse does not end for US troops when they leave the military. Once hooked on prescription medications, veterans are forced to visit psychologists who diagnose them with mental disorders in order to keep a steady supply of drugs flowing and feed the dependency.

This in turn relegates veterans to become second class citizens, with their right to bear arms stripped [9] as a result of being permanently labeled as having post traumatic stress disorder.

One of the core reasons why the Pentagon is encouraging the mass drugging of US troops is to grease the skids for the Marshal Plan [10], a long term agenda that will see all soldiers permanently drugged in order to produce “behavior-modifying and performance-enhancing characteristics”.

The mass drugging of US troops is another aspect of government social engineering. It is about creating yet another huge sector of society – just like children in school or foster care – whose dependence on the state is secured via the method of artificially creating a dangerous dependence on drugs.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com [13] and Prison Planet.com [14]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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