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Mayor Bloomberg Opens Own Wallet To Erect Protective Wall Of Money Around His Beloved Stop And Frisk Program

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Tim Cushing
Tech Dirt [1]
July 3, 2013

We wrote recently about New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s apoplectic response [2] to the passage of two bills aimed at his beloved stop and frisk [3] program. In addition to claiming the city would fall immediately and be beset on all sides by the tyranny of evil men swept up in an unprecedented crime wave (which would seem to imply stop and frisk isn’t catching [4] that many criminals), he also promised to veto both bills despite both having landed on his desk with veto-proof votes.

The odds are stacked against him and the city council doesn’t currently seem to be stocked with a large number of Bloomberg supporters, but the Mayor’s apparently not going to let others not take “No” for an answer [5].

Aides and advisors said the billionaire lame-duck mayor intends to use some of his fortune to influence the outcome of a vote to override his coming veto of measures to install an NYPD inspector general and to modify the controversial stop-and-frisk program.

Now, if we didn’t participate in a democratic system that is rarely, if ever, abused [brief pause to reinsert still-rolling eyes back in sockets], one could easily mistake Bloomberg’s statement to mean he’s going to reach into his deep pockets and start handing out bribes. That, of course, would be illegal. Instead, he’s going to go the morally acceptable route [pause to tighten eyeroll-resistant goggles] and throw his money into various campaign war chests [6].

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