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McCain, Lévy Openly Conspire Against World Peace

Posted By admin On November 30, 2012 @ 5:37 am In Commentary | Comments Disabled

Tony Cartalucci
November 30, 2012

A recent event held by the Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy Initiative, featured a “conversation” with Senator John McCain and self-proclaimed “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Lévy. Both men played a pivotal role in arranging and promoting the arming, funding, and diplomatic recognition of terrorists in Libya [1] who have now overrun much of the country, committed wide scale atrocities [2], and have left a US Ambassador dead [3] and a US consulate burnt to the ground. Despite this, they now openly seek to repeat their “success” in Syria.

Watch FPI’s “The Consequences of Inaction in Syria” with several facts kept in mind…

  1. Libya’s “freedom fighters” are verified terrorists [4]. Benghazi, Libya was their epicenter [1].
  2. These very same terrorists are now being purposefully [4] armed, funded, and funneled into Syria, via NATO member Turkey.
  3. The violence in Syria is the result of a premeditated US-Israeli-Saudi plan [5] stretching back to 2007, confirmed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his article “The Redirection [6].”
  4. The current “rebels” in Syria are sectarian driven, genocidal members of the Muslims Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, already subjugating segments of Syria’s population along the Turkish-Syrian border to medieval,Saudi-inspired autocracy and barbarism [7].
  5. The so-called “Syrian National Council” is run by a Western big-oil representative who openly admits [8] he seeks to establish an “Islamic state” upon the ashes of secular Syria.
  6. Worst of all, McCain and Lévy admit the US, French, European, and even Turkish people reject wholly the notion of intervention in Syria, as well as the fact that the International community has, on numerous occasions blocked attempts to approve of meddling in Syria’s internal affairs, yet both men, and the interests they represent [9] continue to conspire to push the conflict further, at the cost of more lives, and at the risk of unraveling regional stability.

Tony Cartalucci is the writer and editor at Land Destroyer [10]

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