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Miley Cyrus Illuminati VMA Performance Secrets Revealed

Prison Planet.com
August 27, 2013

Did you notice Miley Virus’s hair styled into devil horns during her VMA performance?

Did you notice Robin Thicke joined her to sing his song “Blurred Lines.” Get it? Crossing the line? Blurring the line between what’s right and wrong?

It was the theme song for this Disney Devil demonic dirt bag singing stripper butch blonde blabbermouth Baphomet worshiping bottom feeding bimbo white trash witch’s Illuminati indoctrination of her millions of preteen fans into twerking, formerly a stripper move, but now something this Illuminati idol of evil just taught your 10 year old daughter along with the dancing teddy bears that joined her on stage.

P.S. in the song, “We Can’t Stop, she also promotes snorting cocaine and popping ecstasy. I did a video on this demon weeks ago trying to warn people about this demonic disgrace.