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Nanotech, Terra-Forming, Transhumanism, and You

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Ann Gordon
Sept 9, 2012

Many things are being altered right before our eyes, mostly without our consent, or knowledge. These changes are coming from well-funded and classified experiments, accidents, and new science, often with creepy ‘modern’ agendas driving them. This sort of broad-scale change is unfolding in nearly every facet of our lives. But the signs and symptoms already indicate that our health may suffer as a result.

Let’s start with food for example. The bio-availability of the nutrients in our food seems to be getting interrupted. Could it be the irradiation [1] or modification of foods [2]? Some believe that the reason for the obesity problems could actually be a lack of nutrition, a slow starvation, because the nutrition cannot get into the cells.

Weather modification [3] is nothing new, and researchers claim that the residues from spraying create toxic effects on our health, plants, and animals. We seem to be ingesting experimental aerosolized air [4], tainted water (with fluoride, pharmaceuticals, etc.), faked food, and untested medicines. Asthma cases are soaring, as are mysterious flu-like symptoms. But that is only the tip of a very chilling future according to many thinkers.

flesh eating zombies [5] (mutated humans), and terra-forming earth. Academic futurists are talking about Transhumanism [6], and popular magazines illustrates how a future man might physically appear.

Transhumanism, a new and growing movement, is asserting claims to augment ‘natural humans’, replacing them with a technological ‘advanced’ artificial intelligence, fueled by nanotechnology [7] and bio-engineering. As change accelerates, we are hearing the term ‘die off’, and shrug it off to natural ‘extinctions’. The skies are often white, not blue, as the weather experiments, (race to control the weather, or other motives), become extreme. Sadly, as we get desensitized, we accept a new normal.

Yet, Terra-Forming the environment (geo-engineering [8]) and changing the nature of man needs some forethought. If the skies are sprayed with aerosols, as many documents note, (to reflect the sunlight preventing warming), serious consequences seem obvious. Ultimately, are we hurting ourselves and future generations?

We have already created plastic antibodies [9]. We have smart pills, smart chicken, smart water, smart washers, and a smart grid [10]. Smart is a marketing word, like the new modern, but often with an altered brew. Today, we get artificial (plastic) body parts, and create new life in vitro, (cellular engineering).

In short, we’re already ingesting new chemicals, plastics, nano particles, while being bombarded 24/7 by invisible electromagnetic frequencies (ELF’s). We are told everything is safe, but is it? How do you feel?

Transhumanism looks into the future for man decades, based on today’s technologies. We already have cryonics (preservation of cells).

Virtual reality already mimics reality, and soon will include our sense of touch, (haptics). It is suggested that people might prefer the virtual reality of the future to reality.

Sophisticated biotechnology combined with nanotechnology will become so convenient and tiny, that the everyday person will want to implant them (for convenience or prestige). New vaccines are on the horizon for countless ailments, with needle-less creative ways to ingest them. Yum.

Before embracing all new technologies sold to us to improve our lives, it might be wise to take a very close look at the non-monetary price you will pay especially when linked to potential harmful side effects. Start with what you can do for you or your loved ones and learn what you are putting into your bodies willingly.

This article first appeared at GreenMedInfo [11]

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