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NSA Makes Known Its Choices for Next Führer-Sorry, Sec’y of DHS

Posted By yihan On July 17, 2013 @ 10:24 am In Commentary | Comments Disabled

Becky Akers
Lew Rockwell Blog
July 17, 2013

To fill the top job running the Homeland Security Department [1] after Secretary Janet [‘Big Sis’] Napolitano steps down, lawmakers on the House Homeland Security Committee [sic for ‘Police-State Committee’] are suggesting individuals who have supported programs similar to National Security Agency digital surveillance initiatives.” Gee, there’s a surprise. I think we can safely assume that every “lawmaker” on this anti-constitutional committee is either orbiting the earth via some illegal substance or consorting with gentlemen of the demimonde, and that the NSA has advised them it will leak more documents, this time the transcripts of their phone calls to dealers and pimps, should they decline to enact its whims.

Among the NSA’s picks for next führer are “Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., … who supported the divisive Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, known as CISPA. The measure, which the House approved by a 288-127 vote in April, would allow the intelligence community to monitor the metadata of private emails…”; “New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, a long-time proponent of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data… Following the Boston Marathon explosions, he dismissed critics who argued that installing urban cameras threatens privacy by granting governments the ability to track citizens in public spaces… .” Recall that Kelly also salivates over “stop and frisk,” [2]whereby cops stop citizens peaceably going about their business for harassment and groping; “Retired Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen … Obama tapped Allen in 2010 to coordinate the federal response to the BP oil spill.

During the crisis, a joint information center tracked Tweets and other social media around-the-clock to quash rumors and identify concerns in the Gulf region [sic for 'to censor them and supply propaganda']”; and “Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who … defended federal information sharing practices [sic for ‘domestic espionage’] in the aftermath of the Boston bombings…”

Fortunately for the NSA but tragically for us, Our Rulers suffer no shortage of eager totalitarians lusting to dominate us. What the NSA wants, the NSA gets.

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