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Obama’s Claiming More Power Over Americans Than King George III, Says Virginia Attorney General

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Terence P. Jeffrey
CNS News
Nov 13, 2010

Virginia Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli, who has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the health-care law signed by President Barack Obama last March, says Obama and the Congress that enacted that law–which mandates that individuals must buy government-approved health insurance plans–are seeking a power over the lives of Americans that even King George III did not claim to possess.

“We now have a Congress and a president who believe they can order you to buy a product when King George III and the Parliament of Great Britain, whom we rebelled against, acknowledged that they could not,” Cuccinelli said in a video interview with CNSNews.com.

In October, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson heard arguments on the merits of Virginia’s case against Obamacare.

Lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department, representing the Obama administration, argued that the federal government derives the power to force individual Americans to buy health insurance from the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which authorizes Congress to regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the several states and with Indian tribes. Virginia Solicitor General Duncan Getchell Jr., representing Cuccinelli and the state of Virginia, argued that an individual who does not buy health insurance is not engaging in commerce and that the U.S. government has never before attempted to force individual Americans to buy any good or service.

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Obama’s Claiming More Power Over Americans Than King George III, Says Virginia Attorney General  140410banner4 [3]

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