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Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Ban Free Speech

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After supporting repeal of Second Amendment, Californians target the First

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
April 15, 2013

Following their support for repealing the Second Amendment, liberals in California evidently have a new target in their sights – the First Amendment. A video by social analyst Mark Dice shows Obama supporters signing a petition to ban free speech.

Playing the role of a big government liberal, Dice told respondents that people who disagree with Obama are racists and extremists and should have their constitutional right to speak out annulled.

“This will repeal the First Amendment so that those right-wingers can’t say hateful things about Obama. I’m tired of these people having the right to say what they want to say….you don’t have the right to disagree with Obama these days in these tough times,” Dice told one Obama supporter as he readily agreed and signed the petition.

Others were told that the petition was to “repeal the First Amendment of the Tea Party and anyone who criticizes Obama.”

“You just repealed the First Amendment,” Dice told another man who signed the petition, to which the man responded by nodding enthusiastically.

Another black man who signed the petition agreed with Dice when he said that Republicans shouldn’t be allowed free speech, responding “it’s getting pretty bad.”

When told that freedom of speech has its limits and that everyone should get behind Obama, another black lady responded, “mmmm hmmm, it only goes so far.”

Just as we witnessed in Dice’s previous video showing Californians signing a petition to repeal the right to own firearms [1], the most disturbing aspect of this is not that some people are in a total trance and will agree to sign anything, but that many of them actually vehemently agree with abolishing fundamental liberties.

Only two of the people in the clip – the ones who actually read the petition – refused to sign it.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com [2] and Prison Planet.com [3]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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