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Owners of now-defunct Morningland Dairy speak out against rogue police state that illegally destroyed their family farm

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Ethan A. Huff
Natural News [1]
Feb 13, 2013

In the greatly unsettling aftermath of the complete and total destruction of Missouri-based Morningland Dairy by the corrupt Missouri Milk Board, farm owners Joe and Denise Dixon have been able to share the sordid details of their harrowing experience mostly with the alternative media and select others who have not been hopelessly brainwashed by the system. And in the process, they have also had the unique opportunity to share with the world, first hand, what ruthless and unrelenting tyranny truly looks like.

As we reported recently, Morningland became an instant enemy of the state after federal and foreign officials illegally raided a private, California-based food cooperative back in 2010 that carried some of the farm’s products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and later the Missouri Milk Board, falsely accused Morningland of selling tainted raw milk cheese, and several years later, forcibly stole and discarded nearly 20 tons of this perfectly good cheese without legitimate cause. (http://www.naturalnews.com [2])

And there are many more details to this shocking display of brutal, police state force against innocent, American farm owners that simply cannot be covered in full in the space of a short article. Details such as the fact that the Missouri Milk Board never collected and tested real cheese [3] samples in accordance with the law, for instance, and never afforded the Dixons a proper trial by jury in accordance with the U.S. Constitution prior to removing more than 36,000 pounds of cheese from their farm and dumping it in a landfill.

“Dressed in casual clothes, with no special gear, they loaded up all 36,000-plus pounds of hard-earned cheese, and sent it off to a local dump in two large dumpsters,” explain owners Joe and Denise Dixon, on their farm’s website about what happened that fateful Friday morning. “Months and months’ worth of fresh, whole, raw milk [4], made into healthful, tasty cheese through a lot of hard work, just destroyed, without ever being properly tested.”

Inspector Don Falls, executive secretary Gene Wiseman, and Howell County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Al Jones all directly responsible for illegally destroying family farm

The Dixons name names, too, identifying Don Falls, an inspector for the Missouri Milk Board who altered batch numbers of Morningland cheese samples and lied about the safety of Morningland‘s cheese, and Gene Wiseman, executive secretary of the Missouri Milk Board, who duly refused to acknowledge the farm’s clean test results for the cheese and instead chose to brutally persecute the Dixons. These two men, as well as the handful of mindless minions who helped them fully execute their criminal oppression against the Dixons on January 25, 2013, are all responsible for the unjustified and illegal destruction of Morningland‘s entire inventory of cheese.

You can find contact information for both Don Falls and Gene Wiseman here:
http://mda.mo.gov/animals/milk/staff.php [5]

You can contact the Howell County Sheriff’s Office here:
http://www.howellcountysheriff.org//Contact%20us.htm [6]

You can also read further details of the Morningland saga here:
http://morninglanddairy.webs.com/recallinfocourtaction.htm [7]

“We have to wonder how the Missouri Attorney General’s Office representatives, now-retired Howell County Judge David Dunlap, and other Missouri officials feel about playing the fool in accepting the obviously false testimony from Missouri Milk Board inspector Don Falls and executive secretary Gene Wiseman, as they professed our cheese to be a danger to the public,” add the Dixons.

Be sure to listen to this powerful interview with the Dixons conducted by America’s Voice Now host Mike Evans, in which you will hear first hand what this victimized couple has endured at the hands of a police state gone mad: http://youtu.be/KUoyB3b5phQ [8]

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