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Paul Krugman Proves Himself to be a Fraud (Again)

Posted By yihan On March 31, 2013 @ 6:15 am In Commentary | Comments Disabled

Thomas DiLorenzo
The LRC Blog [1]
March 31, 2013

A couple of years ago when I appeared as one of Ron Paul’s witnesses (the first one, actually) during his House of Representatives hearings on the Fed, the Democrats got the biggest leftist on the committee to smear, libel, and slander me by repeating the smears, libels, and slanders about me (and virtually all other libertarians and conservatives) by the left-wing hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center [2].  The hate group’s typical line is this:  1) DiLorenzo wrote a book critical of Lincoln’s economic policies; 2) Therefore, he must want to bring back slavery.  Since we now live in a nation of morons, the SPLC is able to raise millions of dollars in contributions from below-50-I.Q. liberals and leftists with such smears.  “Send us money and we will keep an eye on these people,” they say.  (This is the same group of communistic crackpots who convinced Big Sister Janet Napolitano to publicly announce that people with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars may be considered potential terrorists by her Department of Fatherland Security [3]).

Paul Krugman participated in this libelous smear in one of his NY Times columns, labeling me Ron Paul’s “Johnnie Reb economist.”  He said nothing at all about my critiques of the explosion of economic statism during the Lincoln administration, the focus of all my writings on the subject.  Instead, he played along with his fellow totalitarians and their meaningless ”Neo-Confederate” blather.

But in a recent blog [4]Krugman proved once again what a fraud and a liar he is by writing that “Lincoln was actually a big government interventionist” whose “most dramatic departure from standard economic policy was . . . debasing the currency.”  This means that when he participated in the Southern Poverty Law Center smear of yours truly he was obviously cognizant of the fact that libertarians like myself and Ron Paul are critical of Lincoln not because we want to bring back slavery (!!) but because, as Krugman says, he ushered in big-government interventionism and the debasing of the currency with his National Currency Acts and Legal Tender acts.


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