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Person of the Year: President Barack Obama: “Architect of the New America”

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Mac Slavo
Economic Collapse [1]
Dec 20, 2012

One of the most prestigious awards (in addition to a Nobel Prize) that can be bestowed upon a member of the elite is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

This year, the award goes to the “Architect of a New America”, none other than Barack Obama.

The President joins such notable figures and social architects as Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1939, 1942), Nikita Khrushchev (1957), Richard Nixon (1971, 1972), Henry Kissinger (1972), The Endangered Earth (1988), Ted Turner (1991), Bill Clinton (1992, 1998), George Bush (2000, 2004), Vladimir Putin (2007), and Ben Bernanke (2009).

Via SGT Report [2]:

Kill lists, illegal detention, illegal torture, illegal wiretapping of citizens, endless unconstitutional wars, drone attacks on men, women and children… you’ve got to do a LOT to get this honor. Congrats Obama!

Person of the Year: President Barack Obama: “Architect of the New America” obama person of the year

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