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Police State Toronto – Terror Drill Caught On Tape

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Dan Dicks
Press For Truth

Tuesday, April 28th, 2010

On Sunday April 18th I received a tip that there would be a terror/civilian evacuation drill in the downtown core which was to include simulated gun fire, actors resembling accident victims and the participation of Police Tactical Officers, the Emergency Task Force, and Toronto Fire and EMS. No one was notified that the drill would be taking place even though it was conducted in the financial district just a few blocks away from the location of the G20 summit coming to Toronto this June 26th/27th. Police with assault rifles could be seen ordering around “civilians” in an underground food court during one of the simulated scenarios. CTV and the Globe and Mail eventually arrived but we here at Press For Truth were the only ones who managed to get footage of the actual drill which was organized by TAPPS (Toronto Association of Police and Private Security) and was dubbed “Active Attackers”.

In a world where false flag attacks are becoming the modus operandi for manipulating the masses into accepting greater forms of tyranny, police and intelligence agencies are looking to merge the public and private sectors of security as a solution to the “threat” of terrorism . We interviewed Deputy Chief Kim Derry from TAPPS who was responsible for the drill and he stated to me over and over again that “times are changing and we need to merge the public and private sectors when dealing with these security issues”. He went on to say “there’s only so many police officers but there’s lots of private security. If private citizens see things they can report it to the private sector and the private sector has a communication network now with us and they can pass it on.”The merging of the public and private sectors of security is a very slippery slope and what the TAPPS organization fails to realise is that when there is an abuse of authority or an illegal action taking by these private forces no one is ever held accountable. Luckily independent press is on the rise and as long as we continue to expose these psyops for what they really are than citizens of the world just may realize that they’ve been had and will take a stand to join the infowar, expose the lies and seek the truth.

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